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2021 E-Commerce Trends in Consumer Electronics

2021 E-Commerce Trends in Consumer Electronics

2021 E-Commerce Trends in Consumer Electronics

2021 IEAE Guangzhou International Electronics and Electrical Appliances Expo

South China Electronic Products E-commerce Selection Exhibition

Time: April 12-15, 2021

Location: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Expo ( 1, 2, 3 in Hall )

Exhibition scale

Exhibition area Number of exhibitors Number of booths Number of viewers
30,000 ㎡+ 600+ 1500+ 24,000+

We can see the hot-selling products and trends of Consumer Electronics in 2021 from the following exhibits.


Consumer electronics exhibition area:

Robots, cameras, Bluetooth speakers, recorders, projectors, drones, balance cars, HDMI cables, mini scanners, radios, electronic toys, commercial electronics

Mobile electronics and accessories exhibition area

Mobile audio: TWS headsets, wireless Bluetooth headsets, sports Bluetooth headsets, in-ear, and hanging-ear Bluetooth headsets, noise-canceling headsets, bone conduction headsets, laser headsets, Bluetooth speakers, cables and accessories, etc.

Mobile charging: mobile power, wireless charger, data cable, USB-C charging cable, fast charging cable, fast charging head, porous charging head, portable energy storage power supply

Mobile devices and accessories: mobile phones, selfie sticks, protective films, protective cases

Smart wearable exhibition area: smartwatches, smart bracelets

Exhibition area around computers and e-sports games

Computers and peripherals: notebooks, personal computers (PC), tablet computers, monitors, mice, keyboards, USB data cables, routers, power adapters, radiators, U disks, laptop bags, chassis

E-sports game peripherals: e-sports keyboard, e-sports mouse, e-sports chair, e-sports handle, e-sports headset

Car electronics exhibition area: car navigation, car audio, car DVD, car charger, car speaker, driving recorder, car tire pressure gauge, car refrigerator, emergency power supply

Household and commercial electrical appliances exhibition area

Small household appliances: coffee maker, electric kettle, juicer, electric fan, rice cooker, bread maker, noodle maker, exhaust fan, hand dryer, electric water heater, microwave oven, induction cooker, egg beater, egg cooker, electric oven, electric Frying pan, water dispenser, water purifier, vacuum cleaner, sweeper, electric mosquito swatter, air purifier, humidifier, hairdryer, curling iron, electric toothbrush, beauty instrument, massage chair, massager

Home audio-visual: TV, projector, stereo, audio cable

Smart home: smart lighting, smart infrared remote control, smart humidifier, smart electrician, smart sterilizer, smart alarm, web camera

Commercial appliances: cooking equipment, baking equipment, freezers, built-in refrigerators, built-in microwave ovens, built-in ovens, built-in steam ovens, built-in range hoods, built-in freezers, built-in dishwashers, built-in cookers, built-in Automatic coffee machine, embedded food processor, embedded sterilizer, embedded washer, other embedded equipment


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